The Danish Riviera

Royal North Zealand, the Danish Riviera, Elsinore and Copenhagen’s green front garden… It goes by many different names! The happy corner of the Danish Riviera & the Nordic countries

The beach town Hornbaek has a southern atmosphere, and a very special Nordic light, surrounding forest, one of Denmark's best beaches and a cozy fishing and marina and you understand why tourists and celebrities feel attracted to the Danish Riviera. On the beach with the yellow sand and shallow water, families with children enjoy a warm summer day, and on the cozy marina, goumet restaurants and eateries are on a string of pearls. Here guests can sit and watch the small sailboats sailing slowly in and out of Hornbaek harbor. Hornbaek - Aalsgaarde - Dronningmoelle - Helsingor - Snekkersten and Espergaerde goes by the name "The Guld Coast" and is part of the Danish Riviera and Denmark's largest tourist destination

Smiling North Zealand

Gold Coast - The Danish Riviera

Dear child has many names. Smiling North Zealand focuses today on The Danish Riviera from Hornbaek - Dronningmoelle - Aalsgaarde, over Elsinore along the Gold Coast and Southern Beach - Snekkersten and The fashionable Espergaerde.
In the "Happy 60s", the Danish Riviera was named the funniest corner of the Nordic countries with three of Denmark's most distinguished hotels, casinos, etc. - today the Danish Riviera and North Zealand is still referred to as the "Gold Coast" because Elsinore has one of Denmark's highest discharge bases, (i.e. Elsinore is the municipality in Denmark with the most really rich inhabitants And the biggest taxpayers)

We welcome our cruise guests with Kronborg on the starboard side, as one of northern Europe's most significant renaissance castles.

Bugatti and beachfront homes

the danish Riviera
Fast octane number and beach road villa for 78 Mio.

If you sneak in and open the garage door, it looks like this. - - Beware of the many webcams.

bugatti and beach road villa

Along the Danish Riviera, there is room for romance and relaxation, cultural experiences and plenty of opportunities for cozy moments with those you care about. Get your heart rate up Lystfiskeri Havfiskeri efter Tun i Øresund or get peace of mind with the fishing line slightly rocking in the water.

Special housing the Danish Riviera

Hornbaek and the light

P.S. Krøyer var blandt kunstnerkolonien i Hornbaek
Hornbaek has a special light.

P.S. Krøyer was among the famous artists colony in Hornbaek

For more than 170 years, the Danish Riviera has attracted tourists and Copenhageners better citizenship. The famous Copenhagen art elite with the actress Johanne Luise Heiberg and her husband Johan Ludvig Heiberg i the tip, & nbsp; fled to forest and beach in Hornbaek, & nbsp; from the noise and chaos of the big city.

Due to the special light, which can also be experienced in Skagen , it was Hornbaek who was to lay the town and beach for the north coast's new visitors - the art elite, who i.a. talte P.S. Kroeyer, H.C. Andersen , August Strindberg and Holger Drachmann. With the years came the better bourgeoisie - in the summer everyone would be seen at the Danish Riviera, which published the first tourist brochure in 1923.

Hornbaek was Denmark's first tourist town. When it was rumored in Copenhagen that the famous art scene moved to the fashionable Hornbaek in the summer, the small fishing village turned into a real tourist town. New hotels and guest houses sprung up,

Aston Martin

Fritidsgrund Gerlev Strandpark
Strength, Beauty and Soul

In Hornbaek, it is as if everyone knows everyone - it is a small cool enclave that not only boasts Denmark's most expensive holiday homes along Kystvej, but must also have the highest concentration of cars in the million class. (Like Ocean Drive Miami beach)

In relation to the city's size, the number of restaurants and eateries in Hornbæk large, and even the street food concept has found its way to Hornbæk. Here early evening, there are already many customers at the table at the Fat Corner. If we look to the left, it is already buzzing with life and happy guests at Restaurant Ilse Jacobsen . which is part of Kurbad Ilse Jacobsen.

In fact, Denmark's Riviera offers some of Europe's best beaches and a very special holiday atmosphere. Along the coast from Hornbæk to Espergærde in the east, the beaches together with the idyllic harbors lie like pearls on a string.

Experiences in Hornbaek

Hornbaek beach

Hornbæk strand
Hornbaek is the fishing and tourist town in Smiling Nordsjælland. Built on sand and herring, the fishing village has a rich history which also includes piracy and shipwrecks and the "special light" the artists mention.

Hornbaek, already has a southern summer atmosphere to it and the white sandy beaches are superb because the water is child-friendly while you can be active. At Hornbaek Strand there are friendly lifeguards all summer and in the street scene there are cafes and restaurants side by side.

Hornbaek Art Museum is a cultural meeting place with changing art exhibitions. At Rudolf Tegner's Museum, the sculptor Tegner's sculptures of plaster and marble are exhibited.

Great weather, a drink in hand, feet in the sand and great music by the beach in Hornbaek. Sounds like your perfect summer?

Read here about the new Hornbaek Harbor

Many good Bed and breakfasts in Hornbaek

Street Food Hornbaek

Gilleleje havn
Lots of Life and Events

The Greasy Corner
Seagull screams and waves, wind in the hair, the traditional calm sound of the fishing boats, It's sun - it's summer - it's Experiences in Hornbaek.
Visit Streetfood "Det Fedtede Hjørne" in Hornbaek and enjoy delicious food from the many food stalls
The menu is constantly changing. But right now it's on Caribbean, Mexican, Burgers, Fish, Indian / Nepalese and salad bar ..

In an informal atmosphere, Hornbaekkerne and holidaymakers gather for a cozy get-together in the sun or under our large canopy. Located just 50 meters from the beach,

There are fine Campsites in Hornbaek

15 Min to cozy shopping in the pleasant streets of Elsinore.

Restaurants in Hornbaek

Restaurants in Hornbaek

ILSE JACOBSEN Restaurant KURBADET is the epitome of Hornbaek. Located in the heart of the beautiful beach town, Restaurant KURBADET draws great inspiration from the sea and the raw nature that forms the framework for Hornbaek.

Hornbaek harbor is both a yacht and a commercial harbor (fishing harbor)
The facilities are not all located on the harbor, but in its vicinity.
washing in the city 200m. Sailmaker can be called per. telephone.
New toilet and bathing facilities.

Do not miss Elsinore City walk and '10 must See attraction ' in Helsingør

This Is Why North Zealand Is Called Denmark's Riviera
From the world-famous Louisiana Museum of Modern Art to blooming blue hydrangeas lining traditional old thatched cottages, this seaside escape is ideal for both locals and travelers who want to explore the beautiful coast and countryside

Beyond the spectacular scenery, the area is home to some of the nation’s top art museums and historic castles, as well as a handful of charming inns, award-winning restaurants, and gozy shops. Go for a day or stay for a long weekend and you’ll find a lot to fall in love with.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Starting from Copenhagen, cruise up the eastern shore and consider the luxurious beach road villas and stops in Humlebaek, turn right, down to Sletten harbor. This serene settlement, with its picket fences and blooming blue hydrangeas lining the fronts of traditional thatched cottages, could be the love child of Denmark, Massachusetts. catch a table on the waterfront deck at Restaurant Sletten, helmed by the chef duo behind the Michelin-starred Formel B. Here, you can tuck into seasonal dishes like poached oysters, white asparagus, and cod while watching the sailboats freinds in the harbor. Once you’ve had your fill, skip over to the nearby Museum of Modern Art Denmark’s most visited museum. Built in the 1950s, it’s a major player in Danish modernist architecture, with a circular layout that blends beautifully into the clifftop landscape. The sleek glass-walled galleries are a showcase for works by famous European artists and a window to the 60 site-specific sculptures (from the likes of Richard Serra and Alexander Calder) out in the gardens overlooking the Øresund Saund strait.

The Maritime Museum

Søfartsmuseet Helsingor

Continue the art expedition in Helsingor (or Elsinore), the crown jewel of North Zealand. The 15th-century port city is a mecca of medieval and modern landmarks. Its old shipyard has been repurposed into the Culture Yard, a sprawling library and performing arts space, and the cutting-edge M/S The Maritime Museum, a subterranean showroom that displays 600 years of Danish seafaring history. Across the wharf, the stately Kronborg Castle dominates the backdrop. Take a tour and learn how the fortress became the setting of Hamlet; if you go in the summer you can catch the annual Shakespeare theater festival.

Enjoy a walk through Helsingør's cozy cobbled streets, or take the shopping route. (you need more than one day to see all the sights of Elsinore). You also have the opportunity to follow in Shakespeare's footsteps and see all the attractions of Helsingør and At the end of the day when you get tired, Find a cozy Hotel or a B&B for overnight stay

The Northern beach


Enjoy a walk through Helsingør's cozy cobbled streets, or take the shopping route. (you need more than one day to see all the sights of Elsinore). You also have the opportunity to follow in Shakespeare's footsteps and see all the attractions of Helsingør and At the end of the day when you get tired, Find a cozy Hotel or a B&B for overnight stay

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